Study Buddy Night


Study Buddy Night is a night for Ripon High School students to study for any of their upcoming finals. Link Crew members help students that might need assistance, or just need a bit of repetition. This year it was hosted in the Library from May 17- 18. Many of the students enjoyed this and hoped to keep having these. 

“I thought it was a good experience overall because you got to get some work done, be with your peers, and get some studying for the final so it was pretty productive. I liked that aspect that was just a good place to just be productive and get work done,” said Kylee Nelson. 

Many of the students came to study buddy night to study with their friends and also get some help from the link crew members. Many of the link crew members liked helping students out but also loved how they got time to get some of their finals or homework done as well.

“I got a decent amount of stuff done. I rate study buddy night a 7 or 8 out of 10. My favorite thing about study buddy night was the food but also being able to get some work done in the end. I think that it did help me out with my finals,” Omar Alsaidi. 

Food was also provided which helped some of the students show up. In the interviews, many of the students mentioned that they loved study buddy night because actually being at school and not at home helped them focus more. I think that study buddy night was also a good way for students to connect, bond, and do some homework together.[sno-poll id=”14109″ result_color=”#bf0d0d” tile_color=”#ffffff” align=”left” background=”on” background_color=”#ffffff” border=”all” border_color=”#888888″ border_size=”5px” shadow=”on”]

“I felt it was very very fun. I mean not a ton of studying got done there. I got some stuff done but I know some other people didn’t but I just felt it was overall just a good experience for the students to come together get some work done also have fun and you know have some snacks,” said Devin Fitzpatrick. 

Study buddy night was a great way to study for your finals and many of the students enjoyed this time.