A Year In Review


Have you ever wondered who puts on all the great dress up days, dances and overall spirit around campus? Well, it’s leadership! They are the ones behind it all, doing just about everything around the school. And on Wednesday, May 11 they are all being recognized for their hard work and contribution to the 2021-2022 school year. All of the kids truly do so much for the school and without them none of it would be possible.

Lydia Waters, a senior, has been a part of leadership for 3 years of her highschool career. Her role this year was the ASB executive board member. Her favorite memory from this year was coming in decorating for any event there was. A piece of advice she would give to others is to have fun and be involved.

She loves the program and being able to make connections with others. She hopes to go to college and have a role helping others at CSU Fullerton.

Kylee Brown, a sophomore has done leadership both freshmen and sophomore year and plans to do it her junior and senior year. She has been a real helping hand throughout both years and can’t wait to take on the challenges of next year. 

Her biggest contribution this year has probably been planning all of the formal events with her classmates. She said it was stressful but so worth it. And everyone states that formal was a great time.

Kade Nelson, a junior, has done leadership all 3 years so far and plans to do it his senior year as well. He says he loves learning valuable life lessons from Morty and really learning from them and growing. A piece of advice Kade would give is to live up highschool because it has flown by!

And lastly, Claire Morris, a freshman, has helped out a lot and has been considered the “president” of the freshmen class by her peers. She says that her first year in leadership has been a true success and she can’t wait for next year. Morris also states she can’t wait to use the lessons she has learned in real life. She also can’t wait to make close connections with upper and lowerclassmen as the years go on.