Rally Schedule


Ripon High is hosting it’s first indoor rally this Friday May, 17 after two years.  Because of Covid indoor rallies and functions were banned, but now we got the all clear just in time for our end of the year rally.

Due to the Rally our schedule is changed.  We have 37 minute class periods.  First period starts at the normal time and ends at 9:07.  We have a five minute passing period then Second starts at 9:12 to 9:49.

Our normal break between second and third is from 9:49 to 9:59, so beware break is shorter than normal and plan accordingly. 

Third period starts at 9:59 and goes until 10:40.  After is passing for another five minutes then fourth starts at 10:45 to 11:22.

Then, instead of lunch following fourth period, we have fifth period instead considering it’s still pretty early.  So, fifth starts at 11:27 to 12:04.

Lunch is also shorter lasting only 40 minutes.  It starts at 12:04 and goes to 12:44 so you should definitely plan your lunch locations accordingly. 

After lunch we have sixth period which starts at 12:44 to 1:21.  Then after another five minute passing, we have seventh from 1:26 to 2:03.  

The rally finally starts at 2:10 and goes to the rest of school.  Please be sure to be on your best behavior because if there happens to be issues rallies will no longer be a thing.