Don’t Judge a Book by it’s Cover


Sanjana Sivakumar, Journalist

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 Most people have heard the phrase, “don’t judge a book by it’s cover.” In fact, we all learn about idioms in elementary school. But do we actually follow it?

Everyday, people get judged on what they look like and what they do, but do they ever get judged on who they are as a whole? Not everyone thinks about someone’s actual personality. In fact, it’s not just some people, everyone is judged and it won’t ever stop. From the day someone is born to after their death they will be judged, but judging and using first impressions is a part of human nature.

Students are a great example. Sometimes students are overlooked on by other students and adults. Students do so many things, from volunteering to sports, and on top of that maintain good grades. This is a lot harder than it seems.

“We have to do so many things just to be accepted by society and colleges such as doing sports, joining clubs, volunteering, and, on top of that, doing homework. Most adults don’t do these things… and it amazes me how you have teenagers and kids in elementary schools trying to juggle all of these activities, when most likely they won’t even be doing them when they’re adults themselves,” Sophomore Niki Nguyen said.

People don’t think about the struggles some students have to go through just, so they can get good grades, get into a good collage and a good career. If you think about it, there is so much pressure on high school students. Students have to sacrifice so much from their lives, so they can have a bright future.

“You also lose a lot of valuable sleep and sometimes you can’t do other activities because you’re studying for tests or doing homework…. I stopped hanging out with my friends a lot because our schedules just clash…. Also I don’t really spend time with my family as much now that I’m in high school because I’m always busy or they’re working… I also find that I don’t play as many sports in the summer as I used to when I was younger,” Niki Nguyen stated.

Scientists say that teen’s brains aren’t fully developed, yet high schoolers face so many challenging decisions on their futures. And even through all the tough decisions, high schoolers have to keep on pushing themselves to be motivated, to keep going and not give up. Not only that, high schoolers also have to learn important skills, like independence, to help them in the future.

“When I got to high school I stopped relying on my parents as much as I used to and I became more independent. Thinking about and planning my future has kept me motivated to keep good grades because my future plans require a high level of academic achievement,” senior Dallas Waters stated.

In the end, high schoolers put in more effort then they are, sometimes, recognized for. So for all the high schoolers reading this, break a leg.

“With being a good student you have to make a lot of sacrifices and sometimes you have to put yourself before others…” Sophomore Niki Nguyen said.