Overbooked? Is it too Much?

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Overbooked? Is it too Much?

Molly Burton, journalist

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High school is a stressful, and strenuous time, especially for the kids taking advanced classes, being involved in clubs, and extra curricular. Teenagers already don’t get the recommended sleep every night, and kids who add on to a normal high school schedule get even less sleep.

Advanced placement, and honors courses double the stress and workload that a college prep class makes. Students like Brendan Lan, and Gabriel Herrera are two of many examples of kids who are involved in everything under the sun.

Lan’s normal schedule consists of AP World History, English 2 Honors, Honors Biology, AP Environmental Science, Leadership, Math 2 Honors, and Spanish. Lan has  challenging, and demanding classes. Similarly to Herrera, who has almost the same schedule, the classes require lots of dedication,and long hours of work out of school.

“First period, AP World, I receive one hour of reading each night, and an additional two hours of studying are recommended,” sophomore Gabriel Herrera stated.

AP World is only one period, and all of that work is added on top of all the work from other periods. Students like Lan And Herrera, who are also involved in classes like leadership, have an added out of school stress. This class requires students to work outside of school hours, and plan events for the other students.

Workloads like these can have an effect on teenagers bodies and minds, leading to less mental and physical health. Teenagers are most known for being tired. Busy schedules, and hard classes can cause teenagers to neglect sleep, which can lead to a decrease in grades, insomnia,sickness, and many other symptoms.

“My sleep is strongly affected, because one night I will get around ten hours of sleep,then another night I will get five,” sophomore Brendan Lan stated.

“Everyday I have homework to do, which is mentally and physically draining,my eyes hurt, my hands hurt,my sleep schedule is also affected by my schedule, and I am sleep deprived,” sophomore Gabriel Herrera stated.