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Maria Soto, Assistant Editor

How many different music genres do you listen to? Seriously, think about it. 

How many different music genres do you listen to?

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According to Glenn McDonald, Spotify’s “data alchemist”, there are roughly 1,387 different music genres ranging from “deep deep house” all the way to “vintage classical singing”. (See his website Every Noise at Once to browse the micro-genres.)


Personally, according to my iTunes library, I listen to fifty different genres; a measly number in comparison to the 1,387 existing genres.


Four students of Ripon High school share their views on why listening to multiple music genres is beneficial, what those benefits are, and what genres they listen to.


RHS junior Amy Bacay believes that listening to more than one or two music genres can “really broaden your horizons”. Bacay is an active member of the Ripon High music program and is one of the founders of the Korean Culture Club.


“I listen to everything from kpop to jazz [and] rock to trap[…]. If someone can convince me that a song is good, then I’ll probably listen to it and quite possibly like it,” she states.


For me, music is important because it lets you see the world in a different light.”

— Amy Bacay

Music is something that Bacay has loved her entire life. She believes that being familiar with different music genres can open up opportunities such as gaining new friends.


“For me, music is important because it lets you see the world in a different light.”


Sophomore Otto Kellner is a musician and enjoys listening to classical, rock, metal, and alternative rock music that has a a little bit of a “faux-80s music kick”. He was accepted into the San Joaquin County Honor Orchestra and performed with the ensemble on January 12th, 2019.


“…Performing in a large orchestra with so many other people [and] working together to make music is really special,” he shares.


Keller plays double bass, the largest in size and lowest in pitch bowed string instrument in the modern day orchestra.


“Music has helped teach me responsibility, the value of hardwork, and really just helped me understand how gratifying something you work hard on can be. When I saw true, classical string instruments, I was mystified. How could they play all the notes without frets?,” he laughed.


After hours and hours of practice and dedication, Kellner soon became the musician he marveled at. Now not only has he achieved the honor of being in the County Honor Orchestra, he has learned how to be a responsible musician, he has taken care of himself (learning an instrument prevents Alzheimer’s and improves coordination, according to Health Fitness Revolution’s article “Top 10 Health Benefits of Playing an Instrument”), and he has had fun playing his instrument.


“I think listening to different genres is great, there is so much talent in the music business right now,” senior Sam Brown exclaims.


Brown listens to many different music genres and has an ongoing playlist of his favorite songs that he first created in his freshman year. The playlist, titled “The Best List” has the Beach Boys, Frank Sinatra, Khalid, and all artists in between.


“Different genres provide different interpretations of what good music is,” he shares. “Good music is so objective that you diversify your understanding of music and sophisticate your palette like a good wine taster.”


Sophomore Morgan West mostly listens to rock and metal, but if you listen to her in the halls, you might hear her humming the tune to Spanish pop music.

“Music really helps me just get my emotions out…to kinda relax and calm down after I listen to it for a bit,” she shares.


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West is not the only person who feels better after listening to music. Research shared by Psych Central in the article “The Power of Music to Reduce Stress” tells that music can relieve both anxiety and depression. Music therapy is offered to individuals who suffer an immense amount of stress to quell their anxieties.


Music also helps us create bonds with others.

“Definitely a lot of my friends over the years have listened to rock. Some of them [like] different genres, but we kinda bond over that and get to know each other’s different styles,” West adds.


Needless to say, music is an important part of our lives. Listening to different genres helps shape how you see the world around. Music can help you create relationships, memories, and joy in your life.


In the words of Sam Brown, “Music is able to articulate life and emotions, that words alone can’t so that really broadens your understanding in life…Music ain’t no small thing.”.

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