Should Self Defense Be Taught at School?

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Should Self Defense Be Taught at School?

Sanjana Sivakumar, Journalist

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Should self defense be taught at school?

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Do you know that “over 750,000 students in the U.S. aged from 12-18 years have directly experienced violent crimes?” according to Orion Security. Most of these situations could have been avoided if those teenagers had learned self-defence. It may not seem important now, but us, teenagers, are growing up to a world of violence. For example, now, when teenagers hear about school shootings and such, we think about it for a while and then go on with our everyday lives. As violence grows, so does our sensitivity to those events.

In this dangerous world, knowing self defence is a very important and a critical part to stay safe, yet many teenagers don’t know the first thing about it. Self defence is a way to develop certain skills sets to defend one’s self by physical combat. That’s why self defence should be taught at our schools; because it’s necessary for the world we live in.

I believe that self defense should be taught at school because school is supposed to train you for the outside world and isn’t as innocent as we were told as children,” sophomore Melany Martinez states.

School is supposed to teach us about the outside. Many times when we go to school we learn about the past, and even the present, but we don’t learn other skills that are needed to be learned. Schools should implement the idea of having a class for self defence, but that doesn’t mean everyone should take it. Teenagers should have the choice to whether or not take a class of self defence.

I don’t think it should be mandatory for every kid to learn however there should be lessons available. It should be completely optional for kids to learn self defense,” Ashley Espinoza said.

If this one change can be brought into every school, then we would have the new generation filled with people who are able to defend themselves in troubling situations. As the world gets demanding, teenagers and even adults, would be better at handling those demands.

“Students would be better equipped in the chance that they had to defend themselves,” Morgan West stated.

This will allow students, adults, teenagers, everyone a chance to have confidence with what they are doing. No matter how dire the situation may seem, it would allow the person to face their predicament head-on.

“It would greatly help RHS students because it would give them a sense of courage when they go out at night,” Ashley Espinoza stated.