Take a Hike!

The Benefits of Going Outside

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Take a Hike!

Sophia Taylor, Journalist

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Do you go outside often enough? If you do, congratulations. But chances are, you go inside, watch Netflix, and ignore the outdoors way too often. It seems like going outside is pointless, just dirt and trees right? The reality is the time spent outside can really benefit you, and you could be a happier and healthier person just by putting aside 10 minutes of your day. Below are some of the positive effects.

1) Better Sleep. Going outside helps your body get in rhythm with nature’s “sleep cycle.” That way you will be ready for sleep when the sun goes down and ready to wake up when there is daylight.

2) Stress Relief. Spending time outside has proven to help the brain work in a healthier way. Nature gives you vitamins necessary for less stress.

3) Creativity. Especially for an artist, the outdoors can be an inspiration for new or original work that you’ve never thought about before.

4) Decrease in Anxiety. Studies have shown that people experience less anxiety after going outside for 10+ minutes. Green environments can reduce the likelihood of mood swings and irritability as well.

5) Better Eyesight. Spending time in nature may strengthen your eyesight. It eliminates a risk of needing glasses or being near sighted.

Sometimes we simply don’t have the time to add anything new to our schedule. However, if you can squeeze in some time for the outdoors, the benefits will greatly outweigh the inconvenience.