Section Championships & a Trip to Norcals: Varsity Girls’ Soccer Does it Again


Photo of the team praying before they take the field, to win a sections title. Photo taken by @maddymeyer0506 on Twitter.

Aubree Pelon

Last year, the girls’ varsity soccer team not only won sections, but made it to state for Norcals. Without a single doubt going into this season, capable that they could do it again, the girls and coaching staff accomplished just that and more this year.

The team went undefeated in TVL this 2019 season, something that wasn’t actually accomplished last year. Just like the prior year, however, the Lady Indians won the Division V CIF San Joaquin Sections.

Winning sections is great and all, but getting to the championship game is never easy. Lots of hardwork and determination in the games prior is what the ladies capitalized on.

Photo of the team praying before they take the field, to win a sections title. Photo taken by @maddymeyer0506 on Twitter.

Playing home against Orestimba in the first round was a wake up call to the team that if they wanted to get as far as last year, they’ll have to own the game. The Indians won 4-0, taking them into the semi-finals vs Colfax, at home. They took the win once again, with a score of 5-1. Junior Aubree Pelon completed the game with a hat trick; something very exciting to see in a semi-final game.

“Being able to raise the energy of the team by scoring and helping us get ahead, really boosted my confidence and self-esteem. It’s the best feeling scoring a goal, to turning around and seeing the support you get from the crowd and teammates… especially in a semifinals game,” Pelon says.

The ladies were now headed into the championship game against a team they lost in preseason, called Amador.

“Us girls were a bit nervous to face Amador in the championships due to losing to them in preseason. But we’ve grown since then, and really transformed into an undefeatable team. Some of us actually went and watched Amador play the night before our game [vs Amador], to see what they’ve improved on as well,” Kailey Tijero says.

With nerves and excitement filling the air from both teams, the Ripon High Indians were determined to come out of this game a winner. Within the first two minutes of the game Aubree Pelon scored a goal right into the back of the net, giving her team the extra boost of encouragement they needed to take the game. Ariana Scholten scored the next two goals, one in the first-half and one in the second-half.

“Scoring in the championship game is a feeling like no other. I’m so proud of the team, and being able to help us take the blue banner home is amazing,” Scholten mentions.

It’s almost as if the Lady Indians showed the same amazing talent the year before… You can now call them back-to-back champions, something that was last completed in years 2009-2010 Girls’ soccer.

“Being able to call ourselves back-to-back champions, and receiving the awesome hats of course, is something not a lot of teams get to say. I’m extremely grateful for the opportunity and that we [the soccer team] were able to put our best work out onto the field to take the win,” Sophomore goalkeeper Ashley Pugh states. Pugh had a shutout game in sections.

Soccer team wearing their new hats!

With the new blue banner hanging up in the gym, the girls were onto their next challenge… Norcals. Seeded fourth in the bracket, the preparation to face elite teams was like no other.

They faced Summerville in the first round, last home game of the season. Crushed the competition once again with a score of 3-0. This lead them to a trip to Lowell High School, to compete in the semi-finals. Lowell High beat Ripon High in the 2018 Norcal State Championship. With high hopes to make a come back and put Lowell in their place, the Indians fell short with a 1-0 game.

“I didn’t want the season to end because I had gotten so close to the girls, and would miss seeing them everyday. I was devastated when we lost because as a senior, winning was the way I wanted to go out; we were all so close to that and it was actually attainable. To go out on a loss was hard, but the girls made the whole season worth it,” Nicole Brown states.