TBT to Mrs. Pendleton’s Prom

Agamchat Dhami, Journalist

Mrs. Pendleton says “We went to Food 4 Less on McHenry after prom ended and took pictures, and then we went to car dealerships and took pictures with fancy cars. My date, Dan, and I chose the golf cart that was sitting outside the dealership for our photo.”

Prom is something students wait for throughout their high school years. So many memories are created and moments are captured to look back to in the future. A few Ripon High teachers recalled their special high school dance and reflected on how proms have changed over the years.  

Ann Pendleton currently teaches science at Ripon High. She is a former Ripon High graduate and remembers her prom experience pretty well.

Mrs. Pendleton said, “I remember having a lot of fun at my Ripon High Senior Prom.  I went with a group of good friends. We rented a limo and went to the Opera House in Tracy for dinner (a restaurant that later burned down.)  Our prom was at Chateau de Ville which later became the location of the Home Town Buffet in Modesto. It’s kind of funny to joke around that my prom was at Home Town Buffet.”

“Mr. Veurink was my English teacher during my junior year and was the varsity boys’ basketball coach. He tragically lost his life in an automobile accident on his way home from Ripon High seven years after I graduated. I will always treasure this photo,” Mrs. Pendleton said.

According to Mrs. Pendleton, current proms include dinner, where as before all students had to go to different restaurants with their friends and dates to eat. A funny memory Mrs. Pendleton recalls from her prom dinner is the personalized matchbooks she and her friends got. “My date made the reservation so all of our matchbooks said “Coburn” on them.”

Some similarities Mrs. Pendleton sees from her prom and proms today is that everyone still gets decked out in fancy dresses and the guys’ wear matching tuxedos and everyone wore the flowers and took pictures.

Mrs. Pendleton advises, “

Just have fun, enjoy the time with your friends, ditch the drama, and make it a great night to remember. It’s okay to be goofy! 30 years later and I still laugh at the silly stuff we did.”

— Mrs. Pendleton