Wrestling to Nebraska

Everyone has something they are passionate about. It may be art, or the thirst for knowledge, music, water polo. All of the activities are what makes us, us. Whom would a chemist be without a passion for science? Whom would be an MLB star be without their passion for the game? One student has worked hard with her passion for wrestling to get an amazing athletic and academic scholarship to the University of Fremont Nebraska. Introducing Avery Thomason.

Avery Thomason is now a senior at Ripon High School. She found her love for wrestling her junior year and knew that she had a lot to learn, but because it was new to her, she was excited to improve.

“I enjoy how much of a challenge it is…,” Avery Thomason said.

All sports are competitive. Wrestling is definitely a difficult sport because you have to engage every muscle in your body to take down your opponent. The thought of improving and constantly learning is what she likes about the challenge of wrestling.

“I enjoy… the people I have met through the sport. My favorite memory is dong a beach workout with my team,” Avery Thomason said.

Along with the sport comes a team with countless memories. Avery will miss hanging out with her team. Just one sport can bring a whole book full of pictures and laughter. Wrestling is not just a competition, it a family as well. When you are a senior in highschool you look back on your last four years and remember the memories from being with friends or winning that tournament.

“My future goals are to work hard and do everything in my power to be the best wrestler that I can be, whether it is going to nationals or winning one match the entire season,” senior Avery Thomason said.

Avery obviously loves wrestling and wants to continue to do her best. In the future, she hopes she can share her passion for the sport to others. Her future isn’t all about wrestling. She hopes to study at the University of Fremont Nebraska to become a nurse. Her passion isn’t only going to help her in wrestling, but in pursuing her career dreams.

“The thought of getting better and learning new things keeps me motivated,” senior Avery Thomason said.