New Times, New Laws

Charlise Hyer, Journalist

In July of 2022, a new law will be enforced in California. Elementary schools will start no sooner than 8:00am and high schools will start no earlier than 8:30am, with the hope that it will increase their academic performance. We are left to question if it will actually benefit the students.

Making this change is said to increase class attendance, improve moods, and yield fewer car crashes between 17 and 18 year old student drivers. 

“If school started later I’d have more time in the morning to eat breakfast, get ready without rushing and stressing, and maybe get some work done if I didn’t have time the night before,” Sophomore Gabi Krupa stated. 

School starting later may benefit many kids in the morning, but affect many in the afternoon. Most wouldn’t take advantage of the late start, but instead stay up later.

We are setting students up for failure in the future due to the fact they will expect schedules to be adjusted for them rather than them adjusting to the schedule”

— Mr. Calkins

Adolescent’s mental and physical health, and even their academic performance, are highly affected by lack of sleep. On average, only a fourth of students sleep the recommended 8 hours.

Many high schoolers, and even middle schoolers, play after school sports. With school starting later, this will push back those practice times.

“With school starting no earlier than 8:30, it will make me stay up another hour because practice times will be later plus homework,” Senior Mackenzie Hutchinson stated.

As a late start may benefit many students, it won’t necessarily benefit all. It won’t fix every problem, but it may help eliminate many. There will be those who disagree with the change and those who refuse to put in the effort to change as well.