Trend or Treat?

Jenny Pfeifer, Journalist

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There is trick-or-treating, scaring people, haunted houses, and pumpkin carvings, but the best part of Halloween has to be the costumes! From classic monsters to dressing up as characters from popular TV shows,  everyone loves to show their creativity and interests through dressing up. There is always the tough decision of what or who to dress up as and whether or not it’s trending. 

The types of costumes that are trending right now in 2019 are put into different categories. Some categories are characters from movies/new TV shows, video games, celebrities, cute animals, and people who have interesting jobs (firefighters, police officers, etc).  

For trending Halloween costumes, I think of VSCO girls and people who like pairing up to dress up in costumes as something like Spongebob and Patrick”

— Jaelyn Meeuwse

 There is the question of whether or not group and paired Halloween costumes are trending. For a lot of people it definitely is. Take for instance the Penny Wise and Georgie costume. It’s very trendy and looks more spot on with two people. 

Sometimes people dress up in groups or pairs because they compliment each other’s costumes and are easier to tell apart what or who they are dressed up as.

“I think that most trendy costumes are ones that you make at home because sometimes the ones at the stores are very expensive and some stores may not even have the costume that I am looking for,” Freshmen Kyla Villagomez said.

 Some people prefer getting their Halloween costumes at the store, making it themselves, or even a little bit of both. Depending on what’s available and people’s creativity, it’s really a personal preference. For some, their costume is just random items of clothing in their dressers waiting to be put together. 

“To me, I think scary costumes are more trendy than cute costumes since it’s Halloween, but yet again, everyone has their own liking and style,” Villagomez stated.

For each person, Halloween can mean something totally different. For many, Halloween is the night to be someone else for a change through dressing up, to have fun with friends, or just to get free candy.