Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star Change the Beauty Community

Picture from Lily Crew

Charlise Hyer, Journalist

Shane Dawson, a famous Youtuber, known for his food and conspiracy videos in the past, is now known for recording the day to day basis of relative Youtubers.

At the end of a series that he did on Jeffree Star, Shane had joked about making a palette with Jeffree. This was no joke to Jeffree and they made Shane’s dreams come true.

Shane Dawson released a 7 part series about the creation of his makeup line with Jeffree Star. Releasing the first video of the series on September 24th, the final reveal was on October 29th. November 1st, one million palettes sold out in 30 minutes.

I can’t believe it. Everything in the Conspiracy Collection sold out. I can’t believe how supportive u guys have been through this. I genuinely can’ t put into words how overwhelmed I’m feeling. We’re internet dinosaurs and the fact that you guys are still there for us is insane”

— Shane Dawson

With Shane’s merch and makeup dropping, he received endless love and support from fans across the world.

“I have been a fan of Shane since he started out on Youtube and I love what he has done with his Youtube channel,” Senior Trinity McGinnis stated. 

Even those who don’t wear makeup had still bought his palette to show their never ending support for Shane. 

“I’ll never wear these but I had to buy one to support the effort that went into this,” Oscar Wylde tweeted.

People can’t wait to see what makeup looks will be created with this unique palette as well. 

“I am a big fan of Jeffree. I started to become a fan of Shane once he did the series on Jeffree and now I can’t stop watching him. I bought the palette and can’t wait to create many looks with it,” Senior Mattisan Romero stated.

Fans can’t wait to see what Shane and Jeffree will bring next. No matter what it is, fans will never stop showing their support.