RHS Cafeteria Financial Issues

Sahib Singh Dhindsa, Journalist

The RHS cafeteria has recently been enduring some financial issues that they had to face. One of those reasons being that students are fancying to bring their lunch or get something like pizza from Pizza Plus or a sandwich from Subway. The cause for this is the ability to go off-campus.

“The cafeteria is not making enough money because students are more attracted to eating off campus than on campus. We do serve pizza here at the cafeteria; however, I think knowing that you have the freedom to go off-campus and choose to eat different pizza is part of the thrill of eating off-site,” as stated by Ms.Loe, head of the RHS cafeteria. 

It is not like the number of people that come to eat cafeteria food is low, but instead, students are more intrigued to eat fast food like Subway or Pizza. This is because the students have the freedom to choose, at some high school students are not allowed to go off-campus. This means that the students only have two options, either to eat the cafeteria lunch or bring their lunch. 

“I think the cafeteria not making enough money because many students go off campus to eat so they’re not buying food at the cafeteria. There are more variety and flavors than the cafeteria. I think the prices at the cafeteria would be lower than going off-campus. I do not think money is the issue. I think that students prefer to eat off-campus and also go off campus because it is more of a social thing. If we want to increase the number of students, we should maybe once a week or once a month has something different that they have never made before. Maybe pull the students and ask what a favorite food you would want us to make once a month or once every two weeks or something like that,” a RHS math teacher, RHS Mrs.Paris stated.

The cafeteria seems to have only a few options on their menu. The students most likely are “bored” of getting the same thing every day. Another problem being that if students that eat at the cafeteria decrease too low, then the cafeteria will not be able to make any or very little profit, which will eventually make it a burden on the school.

“All of the snacks are really cheap at the cafeteria. The lunch food at the cafeteria is not really that great compared to fast food restaurants. I personally think that the prices at the cafeteria are not high and are reasonable considering the state sets them. If we want to increase the amount of students that go to the cafeteria, we should have more variety of foods.” Freshman Zahir Aguirre Guzman.

I think that we have to take away the stigma that eating at the cafeteria is uncool. ”

— Ms.Loe