Yearbook Rally, A Success


Leslie Diaz-Guerrero, Journalist

What was you're favorite part about the yearbook rally this year?

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It was a great day for our yearbook staff. The sixth of December started filled with excitement for the seniors in anticipation, waiting to see if they had gotten chosen for one of the Senior Superlative Awards. This also went for the other awards that were presented that day as well.

It was a team effort but I loved getting to work with all my yearbook girls and with leadership because the outcome was so good this year.”

— Kelly Nguyen

Every year this is an event that all of the seniors and the yearbook staff look forward to. There were 20 categories in which any of the seniors could have been picked for. Awards ranged from different categories like class crush to most likely to become a famous rapper. There were a total of 42 students who had been chosen for the senior superlative awards.

“This rally is one of my favorites and I thought that it went well. I love our theme this year so much and I was so excited to share it with my peers. Hands down my favorite part was getting to dedicate the book to Mrs. Pendleton. She is an incredible teacher whom I’ve grown to love so much and it was really special to be able to share that with her”, stated Claire DeKruyf.

This isn’t just a special event for the seniors and the staff. In every rally, there is a chance of a special teacher to be dedicated to the book.  This year, the yearbook staff had a wonderful opportunity to dedicate it to Mrs. Pendleton. After all, she is always dedicated to helping the school, she deserves it. 

This event is definitely any grade level looks forward to every year. As an underclassman you get to see your favorite upperclassman get chosen for an award, and possibly see one of your teachers get chosen for the book to be dedicated to them. As well being an upperclassman, you get the chance to be that student who is watched while receiving an award. To then also being in the yearbook staff and presenting the awards as well. 

“This rally was definitely something to remember, although I was emotional, I always look forward to this rally,” mentioned Mrs. Pendleton.