Frozen II Movie Review


Abigail Thompson, Journalist


Frozen I came into the cinematic world in 2013, growing into a very popular and impactful film that has become a part of many adolescent’s lives. The sequel of the hit movie came into theaters November 22. Featuring lovable snowmen and enchanting characters, Frozen II had viewers eager to see the film. The film includes the same cast as the previous movie and viewers don’t want to miss the wonderful magic of the long awaited for film.

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Frozen II features Anna, Kristoff, Olaf, Sven, and Elsa as they embark on an adventure. The plot stays consistent with the film and amazingly draws the attention of its younger viewers as Frozen I did in the past. The storyline is put together with the popular aspects it had in Frozen I. 

The movie is put together well, however, some improvements and adjustments could have been made. The positive part of the sequel was that it still included the lovable aspects from Frozen I. This included the hit songs and adorable characters that made Frozen I so popular. The film also includes the magical world of the ice queen, Elsa, and her bond with her sister, Anna, which adds a softer side to the movie. Another positive aspect of the movie was that the animated characters were voiced by the same actors, which made the movie iconic and worth to see.

A negative aspect of Frozen II was that the beginning of the movie was a bit rushed into music. The sequel also featured Anna to be “out of character” versus how she was in Frozen I. Sources call Frozen II a “Disney Minus” because of the discoveries throughout the film being a bit rushed and the failure of balancing certain movie elements. Frozen II also combined a few plot points that would have been confusing if you didn’t watch Frozen I. This creates a flaw in the sequel because without any knowledge from the short films and the previous movie, the audience would be confused as to what was going on in the movie. The plot of Frozen II was also very confusing for younger audiences to understand, being it was full of more mature aspects.

As of being in early December, Frozen II continues to lead the box office for the third weekend in a row. As the third weekend approached, Frozen II scored another total of $34.7 million in North America. Adding on with the success of Frozen II, it is believed that Disney will score a total of $10 billion global as the year ends. 

Frozen II is a must see as a fan of Disney and Frozen. Some viewers are split on the success. Some believe there should have been more or less of the elements that were included throughout the film. Frozen II managed to successfully leave young viewers full of magic and enchantment, with the majority of audience members humming very familiar tunes that were showcased throughout the film.