Staying Warm During School

Charlise Hyer, Journalism

Each year, students from each grade in the Student Senate get together and share their ideas, creating the best dress-up days each year for our school.

The week of December 9th through December 13th, Student Senate presents our annual Warm and Fuzzy Spirit week:

Monday: Snow Day

Tuesday: Ugly Sweater Day

Wednesday: Stuffed Animal Day

Thursday: Blanket Day

Friday: Pajama Day

Warm and Fuzzy Spirit week, is the coziest week of the school year. Everyone shows off their cutest stuffed animals and their warmest pajamas. 

“Warm and fuzzy week will always be one of my favorite dress-up weeks. My favorite dress-up days of the week were blanket day and pajama day. I love seeing which pajamas or blanket people chose to bring to school,” Senior Ella McCracken said. 

On our most popular days, being blanket day and pajama day, Ripon High showed their spirit, which was bigger and better this year compared to last year

“I loved pajama day because I was comfy all day at school and got to just get out of bed and go to school,” Maggie Bonilla said. 

School spirit days are unforgettable days. It is a way to get you involved in school, to get out of your comfort zone. Ripon High never fails to show their spirit! 

Ripon High always shows so much spirit when we have dress-up days. Warm and fuzzy dress up week is a big one because it is so cold in December so everyone goes all out to be warm”

— Gabi Krupa

Ripon High continues to show their endless pride each dress up week and staff and students can’t wait to see what the Student Senate presents next year for Warm and Fuzzy Spirit week.