Lockers or Backpacks:Whats more efficient


Emilie Veazey, Journalist

What do you like better:Lockers or Backpacks

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Have you ever wondered if carrying around a backpack all day or walking in between each class to your locker is more beneficial or easier? Here at Ripon High School they do not provide lockers for school work purposes. We argue this, but many students who have lockers also mostly use their backpacks. This could be because they don’t have time to go to their lockers or because the lockers don’t fit everything they need.

“I prefer backpacks because if you have a locker on the other side of the school than your class is, you won’t have the supplies you need for that class,” Freshman Emma Walker said.

If you have your homework for the next class in your locker and don’t have the time to go and get it, then you can get marked down points. Even if you have plenty of time to get back and forth, you have to deal with the hoard of people going in different directions and that can slow you down when trying to get to class.

“Some cons of backpacks are that they can get really heavy especially with a high school workload and can even cause some minor back problems, or if you already have back issues they can worsen them,” Freshman Chloe Price said.

A lot of students are developing shoulder pain, back pain, and even bad posture development due to having to lug around a backpack all day.

These are some arguments on whether backpacks or lockers are better for you. Backpacks can cause back and shoulder pain, but are easier to go from class to class. Lockers are sometimes hard to get your stuff out of between classes, but they aren’t weighing you down walking around school.