Super Bowl, More like Puppy Bowl

Leslie Diaz-Guerrero, Journalist

Puppy Bowl Experience 2014

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There was a lot of competition this Sunday as both very popular events took place the same day. On the second of February, puppy lovers around the country gathered around their televisions to watch the annual Puppy Bowl. The Puppy Bowl was shown on the Animal Planet and was watched by millions of people.

Designed to be like the Super Bowl, there were two teams, team fluff, and team ruff. Both teams went out to win the Lobarky trophy. The teams were great and worked to win. Unfortunately, only one team got the chance to win and that was team Fluff, with a tight score of 63 to 59. Team Ruff started up strong but Team Fluff came back and defeated Team Ruff. Even though team Ruff lost, there was one special player from team Ruff who was recognized as MVP, and it was given to Gina.

I adore how the Puppy Bowl incorporates puppies that are available for adoption! Working in animal rescue, trying to publicize adoptable dogs can sometimes be difficult. So having the outlet such as national television for adoptable dogs gets not only the rescues name out there, but also the dogs to be adopted.”

— Aubree Pelon

The Puppy Bowl isn’t just all fun and entertainment, there is a huge purpose to this show and we love it! This year’s show alone has allowed 96 rescue puppies to end up at new homes all coming from 61 different shelters. This has given opportunities for more dogs to find homes as 100% of the dogs that are involved end up getting adopted. Not just dogs from the U.S were involved, some pups also came from other countries.

The Puppy Bowl has so many benefits and is such a great cause. People all around the world enjoy being able to watch this with their family and friends. This isn’t just a great event for those who love football, but is also something to look forward to for those who don’t enjoy football as much. 

“I enjoyed the whole thing, I don’t like football but this was very entertaining to watch. I especially enjoyed how the game began when Team Ruff scored the touchdown,” freshman Irene Naranjo said.