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Emilie Veazey, Journalism

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Have you ever wondered the easiest way to make money quickly? Of course, these apps won’t make you rich but it could give you a respectable amount of pocket money. Here are some apps that are scam free and work. 

The first app is SurveyMonkey, this one has its pros and cons like any app. It is a good way to make money by just taking surveys. It does take about a month to earn up to five dollars because each survey is only twenty-five cents. You can redeem in an amazon gift card or donate it. I have had the app for about a year now and have earned a total of ninety-eight dollars. It is one-hundred percent guaranteed not a scam and it works for both android and IOS.

The next app is Mypoints, this app does take a little longer to earn rewards depending on your shopping habits. You can earn so many different gift cards from the movie theaters to Starbucks. On this app you earn points for everywhere you shop online, depending on the websites and the type of product is how many points you earn per dollar. For example, if you shop on Amazon you can earn up to ten points per dollar or if you shop on eBay you can earn up to four points per dollar. You can also take surveys to get points on the surveys though they say you are not qualified a lot.

The last app I recommend is ONGO surveys, this one is not the greatest. It takes a while to earn the points necessary to redeem but if you are willing to be patient it could be good for you. Again this one has some good reward options like Amazon, Visa, and Starbucks. Surveys take a while to come up but there is a higher rate of qualification.

These are some easy ways to earn money from your couch whether you are lazy or want to get something you cannot afford from your regular pay. There are still so many other ways to make money quick and easy but these are just a few quick ideas.