Sober Grad Senior Fashion Show

Charlise Hyer, journalist

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Ripon High’s Sober Grad presents their annual Senior Fashion Show to raise money for Sober Grad Night; a night just for the seniors the night of graduation. This year, the Fashion Show was held on February 29th in the Ripon High multipurpose room. Advanced choir started the night by singing the national anthem.

The Fashion Show was roughly an hour and a half long with 50 seniors. The boys were showing off prom looks from our sponsors Men’s Warehouse, Rossini’s Formal, and Vito’s Tuxedos. 

“Walking across the stage felt really good. It was very exciting and gave me an adrenaline rush. The most memorable part was doing the dance in front of everyone and the lead up to the actual day of the fashion show,” Senior Skyler Kahan stated. 

The seniors participating in the Fashion Show pick a song of their choice and create a dance to walk down the runway.

“It was so hard picking a song in the beginning because it needs to be appropriate with no bad words and a bunch of my songs didn’t get approved,” Senior Sahara Hernadez said, “but it was fun learning the dance and practicing and it was nerve wracking walking before we walked down the stage, but once I was actually out there it was so fun and me and my partner just had so much fun through the whole process.”

The show was separated into three acts with ten minute intermissions in between. During the first intermission, people went to grab some pastries and refreshers provided. Silent auction winners were announced during the second intermission. 

I would definitely suggest that next year’s seniors do it. It is so much fun and a great way to kick off graduation season. It is so much fun with your class”

— Sklyer Kahan

To end the night, all 50 participating seniors walked down the runway together for one final show. Raffle prize winners were also announced and claimed their winnings.