Is Facebook Outdated?


Haven Gutierrez, Journalist

     Facebook has been around for quite some time, it being so long that the new generation of social networkers have tossed it aside. Facebook was once a “cool” thing to have and now it has been said to be “irrelevant” and outdated. Although Facebook was created for young users at a time, the age group that is now being targeted is older than what it once was. Mark Zuckerburg created Facebook in hopes to connect and inspire those who use it, which it certainly has, but the creation is sadly coming to an end.  

     Facebook is said to be outdated for the younger generations, but older generations are continuing to fulfill Mark Zuckerburg’s wish. 

     “I think Facebook is very irrelevant and outdated today, and I think it’s more of an app for parents nowadays. My parents have it and they use it very often, so I guess it is more relevant for grownups”  stated Freshman Genesis Romero. 

     At one time or another, Facebook was one of the most widely used social media platforms worldwide. People from all around the world were able to share pictures and connect with past friends. Now, other platforms have stolen Facebook’s glory. 

     “Instagram and Snapchat have become more popular and kind of taken Facebook out of the spotlight” stated Romero.

     Facebook’s usage has declined at a fast rate, and it is said to be because younger generations cannot relate, or it has been built for older generations and older generations only. 

     “Facebook usage has definitely declined mainly just because the newer generations don’t use it. I have Facebook that way I can see pictures of my siblings and what my mom tags me in. I feel that now Facebook was targeted to younger age groups but now it is mainly used by older age groups” explained Freshman Mackenzie Perry.

     All in all, Facebook once had its spotlight, but all good things must come to an end, and to many, Facebook was definitely a good thing.  Generations nowadays don’t use it as much as others have, but it will continue to be cherished by older generations for several years to come. 



Instagram and Snapchat have become more popular and kind of taken Facebook out of the spotlight”

— Genesis Romero

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