Senior Goodbyes

Kiara Davis, Journalist

They are moving too fast! Our Ripon High seniors are ready to leave for college. Our seniors have many mixed emotions about leaving. Many are committed to a 4 year college ready to leave yet others are hesitant getting into a more open area with more responsibilities. 

“It is definitely cool because just like knowing this is the last year and you are just going out with your friends and doing the things you enjoy like sports and all that stuff. It is definitely stressful especially all the college applications {….} but I am just trying to enjoy what we have left before we go to college,” Senior Troy Brogan said. 

Troy enjoys hanging with his friends making memories but he is thinking about college which is stressing him out. Troy pushes through it and makes the best of what he has. 

“It will be weird because especially in college when you are walking you don’t know everyone. You can’t just walk up to anyone and say hi because you don’t really know them. But it will just be a lot of focusing on priorities. My best memory from basketball is definitely playing with my best friends who are now in college,” Senior Reina Sausedo said. 

Reina is feeling weird going into college but her priorities are just to focus on school. She loved having the opportunity to play with her best friends and now she’s finishing it off with a bang. 

“Yeah I think it will affect the team when we all leave. Well I mean I have the experience of playing 13 years of soccer so I know the sport really well so that’s pretty cool actually,” Senior Evan Johnson said. 

Evan has been in the soccer community for a while now, he enjoys the sport and he thinks its really cool playing all 4 years of soccer in high school. 

Being a senior makes me realize how fast time goes by and I feel like I was a freshman a month ago. My favorite memories about high school are playing three sports, creating bonds with people, friendships and heart breaks”

— Melissa Perez

Saying goodbyes to our seniors will be hard. All the teachers are getting ready to let their seniors go and fly off into their lives now. It’s time for our seniors to say goodbye.