Quarantined with Family

Jenny Pfeifer, Journalist

What fun activities have you done while quarantined with you're family?

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I’m sad that I have to stay home all the time, because I would rather be outside of the house having fun. Being in a house all day can be kind of boring but I feel more thankful for things that I wouldn’t usually care too much about”

— Freshmen Nina White


Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, many families are stuck at home together spending quality time with one another. Although this is great, there are many challenges that come with it. Some challenges that may come along the way when being in the same household with the same people can include getting on each other’s nerves and/or getting extremely bored easily.

“ Families could get along with each other by giving each other space and even letting their kids stay in their rooms for a while, not forcing them to gather in the house. It would also be a good idea to go outside and take walks so they don’t get crazy by being cooped up in the house all day,” stated Freshmen Asia Rose.

There are many fun and exciting ways to prevent or solve these problems such as playing board games, watching movies together, learning a new skill, baking, growing in personal religions, bonding with each other, and much more. Of course other ways to solve these problems is to have a little space since sometimes we need a moment of peace and quiet to ourselves.

“I think the people who have to cancel their events are not happy about it and it may make their special events feel less special, but at least we are able to stay connected some way with video calls,” stated Rose.

During this self isolation that we are in, many important events such as holidays, weddings, birthdays, etc are being postponed or canceled. However, others found a better way to still do important events and have those who were invited join them for their special moments by using live streams or video calls. Even though it’s nice to be able to technically be there in the moment through technology, it isn’t as much fun as celebrating in person. However, everyone is doing their best with what they have and staying safe.