Ways to Survive Quarantine


Stephen Corro, Journalist

This year, the world has been struck with an overwhelming virus that leads the whole world to be forced into a shutdown and quarantine. Many stores and shops have closed down temporarily as a result of this pandemic, and many are scared of the time frame that this outbreak may have. However, a lot of the world has found a light during this difficult time, by spending precious time to be alone and do what they enjoy. After asking a few people about what they enjoy doing during their time quarantined, I put before you, ways to survive, and overcome your quarantine boredom.
First off, many people enjoyed the new streaming systems added this year like Disney+ and Apple+, and the classic movie and show streaming systems Netflix and Hulu. With all the time people have on their hands, it allows people to binge-watch their favorite tv-shows and movies.
“My favorite thing to do during quarantine is watching movies with my family since they are home a lot because of corona,” says freshman Zoey Barragan.
Spending time with family while watching a movie or show is a great way to use your time, and a good way to get your mind relaxed from all the things happening around the world. It also allows you to make deeper connections with your family based on what you watch.
The next thing to this guide is the way people are staying in shape during a time where most gyms and training facilities are closed. Being at home every day can be a boring and unwilling task, and when people have nothing to do, they fill their time with screen time or different activities. Unknowingly, some people eat large amounts of unhealthy foods that will result in weight increase. So, staying in shape by working out is an extremely important thing to do on a daily basis.
“I am working out by running and playing basketball,” says junior Kiley Holland. Working out is a vital aspect that all people in quarantine should be aware of.
The last thing you can do to survive quarantine is playing games, either video games or board games. Video games are a great time consumer that is fun for everyone. It allows your brain to problem solve which is a good way to keep your mind sharp. Playing board games also allow you to spend quality time with your siblings and/or parents.
“The video game I have played the most is Modern Warfare and the family game I have played the most is Sorry,” states freshman Reed Holland.
Games are a very great way to get your mind off of whatever you have done. It takes up time which makes the day feel less long. Overall, it’s a great activity to do since people have a lot of time.
With the coronavirus pandemic upon us, and all the people quarantined, people are forced to find things to do. Watching movies, staying in shape, and playing games are very good ways to stay entertained during your time at your house. Whenever you are bored or questioning what you should do, maybe consider doing some of these things with your family to create stronger bonds, and to kill time. Finally, remember to stay safe, wash your hands, and distance yourself from others for the welfare of your peers.

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