Ripon Print Relocates


Haven Gutierrez, Journalist

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     Ripon Print has been at its location on Stockton Avenue for quite some time, but John Pack, the owner of Ripon Print Studio, has made an executive decision to relocate and shift his business to 215 W. Main street in hopes of positively impacting his printing business. Although this process will benefit his business in the long run, it hasn’t all been smooth sailing according to Pack.  He stated that he doesn’t want to be too optimistic, but needs everyone’s support during this tough time as does everyone else. 

     Pack had several motives for transferring the Print Studio such as the location. He claims that he had been eyeing this place for quite some time and jumped at the chance to be able to reach out and buy his soon to be business. He believes that this new location is more persistent with who his business is, and is simply more diverse. He also thinks that his company has grown out of its 2,000 square foot building, and is upgrading to 5,000.  Another reason for this new location is that they will be able to add two new printing machines which he says will make Ripon Print more competitive. 

     One of the ways Pack and his company plan to pay off the rent is selling large scale lawn signs to even off the rent and payroll. He says at this time he is not taking payroll, but fortunately his staff is. His hopes are for the lawn signs to even off the extra money. So far, they have sold 330 signs, and the numbers are only growing. He hopes that these signs can be encouraging and somewhat directed to the class of 2020 and their struggles. 

      Right now everyone is struggling a little, and Pack is open about his. He believes that the timing has been a little rough, and that he is always reminding himself as to why he opened this business, which wasn’t to be rich. He claims that he loves people, and you can almost always find him talking about life with customers, and he wants to be the man who openly confesses faith to the Lord.