Something to Cluck About, a New Chick-fil-a in Manteca!

Charlise Hyer, journalist

The time has finally arrived! Chick-fil-a has opened in Manteca off of Hwy 99 and Yosemite Ave. Opened on April 30th, people couldn’t wait for this day to come.

Before Chick-fil-a opened, they had a simulation to get their employees ready for opening day. The simulation consisted of a short menu of their famous items on their menu such as a chicken sandwich, eight-piece nuggets, salad, and a few others.

Being a part of the simulation, they were very organized. How it worked was, you were given an appointment from a Chick-fil-a employee that you know, you show up at that given time frame, they made sure you had an appointment at that time, ordered and were given that meal free. 

“Having the simulation before opening day was very beneficial for my co-workers and I. It prepared us for what we should be expecting on opening day,” Aidan Morris Chick-fil-a employee stated.

On opening day, everyone wanted their Chick-fil-a! The line was backed up all different ways and was almost an hour to two-hour wait reason being, only the drive-thru is open due to the recent spreading of COVID-19.

Opening day was such a success. As it was a little overwhelming with the number of people, everything was running smooth and organized,”

— Bennie Dimas

After a week of being open, Chick-fil-a has made the entrance accessible from only one way to control traffic. Meanwhile, the line has not died down since and the line is still approximately an hour long.

Chick-fil-a lovers hope the line won’t be as hectic when COVID-19 isn’t as bad and the diner portion of the restaurant opens up. For the most part, locals are grateful to finally have a Chick-fil-a near them!