2020-21 Sports Seasons At RHS


Chuck Sterni

Volleyball team does yoga together during sunrise.

Faith Yuen, Journalist

After the long wait, sports seasons are finally making a comeback! Well…kind of. Some sports are finally getting their seasons started with social distanced conditioning and training. 

Due to COVID, the San Joaquin School District was forced to delay their sports seasons. With things finally clearing up and restrictions being relaxed, sports at Ripon High are starting to prepare for their seasons. Coaches and athletes are working hard to get in shape to prepare for the upcoming seasons.

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“The students that are trying out are excited to start and the new coaches are ready to teach!” volleyball coach Chuch Sterni said. 

Volleyball conditioning had first started in late June and went on for about a month until they were shut down again. Now that conditioning has restarted, players and coaches are very eager to get back to exercising and working towards a new successful season. 

“It has been hard not knowing what this season will look like, however, I am very thankful we have uplifting coaches that have motivated us through this time of uncertainty,” senior Sydney Thomason said. 

During this unpredictable time, many students are left wondering if their sports season is even going to happen. It has been tough on a lot of student-athletes and coaches but thankfully they have started to slowly come back to prepare for the 2020-21 season.

“COVID has made this season a struggle, as a freshman I want to play our best and have a good season,” freshman Ty Herrin said. 

With the delay in sports and distance learning, it has put a lot of student-athletes at a loss. Some student’s lives revolve purely around school and sports, and it has been hard for them to stay focused over the past few months. Thankfully, with the restart of sports, many student-athletes have more opportunities to stay active during this time. 

“As long as we are able to have a season and fight for a Section Title I will be happy,” Thomason said.