2020 Fall Trends and Essentials


“Finished.” by reebob is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

Diana Diaz Aguirre, Journalist

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As this year quickly converts into the chilly fall season, many new trends and necessities unravel into our daily household items. Below are a few of the most popular trends going around, to help keep you equipped and prepared for the upcoming winter. 

While the famous app “Tik Tok,” has been familiarizing handmade blankets, they are also very cozy to keep around the house. Many tutorials can be found on the app, or even Youtube, to start knitting a blanket of your preference. As these chunky blankets can be as easy and fashionable to assemble, they are also guaranteed to help keep you warm, and not to mention completely customizable by color, length, etc., if made by you personally. 

Fall season is the time to bring out your long sleeves, hoodies, sweatshirts, anything to provide warmness right? Well with flannels and knitted sweaters back in style, we’ve had it a lot easier, to help keep us cozy while dressing up to date. Easy to style too, since flannels are paired with any piece of wardrobe under, and still keeps a long sleeve for warmth, while their pattern and colors fit perfectly into the fall style. If you personally don’t enjoy wearing plain hoodies or sweatshirts, knitted sweaters have also now been appropriate to wear. Considering the season change, they’ll assuredly keep you comfortable. 

Lastly, we have the trendy layering in clothes, which has been becoming a more often used technique and can come to use in this upcoming season. Some ways you can achieve effective layering during this season, is by using white button-ups under crew-necks, dresses, or even tank tops. Jackets over hoodies or turtlenecks under any piece of clothing can also secure the look you’re going for, and even layering any piece of clothing under a flannel can make your outfit seem more stylish. Also, an important tip to fulfill the ultimate “fall look,” is to use more vibrant colors to fit the season.

These new fall trends and essentials have been helping in adjusting to the fall season, to be prepared for the cold. Hopefully, you can manage to create or use one of these techniques above, to adapt to the chillier seasons.