Behind the Scenes: Christmas Tree Decorating


Annie Wild, Journalist

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      Decorating is something that brings joy to the holidays. Christmas trees are usually a main focus of decoration. Traditions are put in place to fill these trees with lights, ornaments, and other accessories in time for Christmas. The look and themes of the evergreens are different.  

    Students at Ripon High have ways of decorating that are different from one another. Some have more traditional trees, and others use accessories that are out of the ordinary. Christmas is almost here, meaning the trees have started to pop up in homes.

   “For my family we normally get out all of our decorations and make it a family thing. We don’t do anything fancy…when we are done we put our angel on top,” said senior Caleb Lagier. 

    Family bonding time is a popular tradition when putting up a tree. A tree topper, such as an angel, is an important part of decorating for a lot of families. It pulls the tree together, giving a feel of completeness. 

    “We like to decorate our tree with ribbons going around, red and white ornaments all around, and a bunch of candy canes hanging from the branches as well. Occasionally my mom likes to put a train at the bottom of the tree because it makes her feel like a child again,” sophomore Jeily Reynoso explained. 

   The theme of a tree is a large part of the setup. Color choices and types of ornaments can  bring out the cheer of a home. The theme of a tree can be a family tradition where the same theme is used every year to reminisce the past. 

   “We collect ornaments as years go by. Our tree never has a theme,” freshman Jenna Skavdahl said. 

   Memories can be seen with decor. Collecting ornaments is a great way to see how much has changed with new years of life. This adds a sense of family to the tree. 

   “Decorating with the people you love, feeling the joy in the air, creates holiday spirit,” junior Logan Hartsock said.