Freshman on Campus: Expectations

Leslie Diaz-Guerrero, Journalist

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Freshman year is always a very memorable year. This is the year you can experience your first high school football game in the student section, first high school dance, and more of the typical high school “firsts”.  

Unfortunately with the pandemic, the freshman class was unable to go through the traditions that go on at Ripon High School, but with efforts of the staff and teachers, events have been altered to allow students to participate whilst being safe at home. 

This school year has been one of the toughest for high schoolers not just at RHS. Whether students are social or realized that distance learning is not the best option, many agree that in person learning is the best way to learn. Online learning makes simple actions like communicating with teachers or having a one-on-one conversation when help is needed only available to students on a screen.

My overall experience with online school for my first year at high school was honestly hard. yeah some days I loved not having to get ready and just staying in bed, but it was also harder to learn and interact with our teachers and peers.”

— Maya Clayton

On Nov. 30, students were filled with excitement as RHS was able to return on campus for in-person instruction. Although most were excited, some anxiousness was brought as the transition for the freshman students. Their transition was more difficult because of the lack of orientation events due to COVID-19. Students adjusted, and agreed that in-person instruction allowed for better focus and brought an overall better experience than online instruction offered. 

“I was expecting in-person school to be much like distance except with actual people, but something that surprised me was that it was much easier to pay attention during all of my classes,” freshman Gideon Waters concluded.

  There is still hope that the year will turn around, and many are hesitant to believe that will occur. 

“It was very weird going back to school after so many months, but it was a really fun experience,” said Freshman Angelina Rickert.