Establish Your New 2021 Self Care Routine


“Cotton swabs and cotton rounds for face care on a yellow background” by wuestenigel is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Diana Diaz Aguirre, Journalist

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Many wish and even dream of having self- love, but then again, only dream it. Setting expectations up for yourself, after not putting in work to achieve those expectations, is only setting yourself up for disappointment in the future. By completing simple, everyday habits, you could adapt your lifestyle sooner than later.

Southern New Hampshire University believes there are eight aspects of wellness the body covers, including emotionally, environmentally, financially, intellectually, occupationally, and most importantly, physically, socially, and spiritually. A successful mindset is proven to all come from a balanced lifestyle within these elements stated, and all have their own proportion into making your life easier and better handled. 

“Self-care encourages you to maintain a healthy relationship with yourself so that you can transmit the good feelings to others(Perimeter Healthcare).”

Some hacks or customs to develop, relating to the previous aspects, can include any sort of productiveness that may be useful later to yourself. Small tasks such as saving a dollar into your piggy bank every week, organizing a face care routine, morning meditation, starting a new book, or consuming healthier foods can ease your state of mind anytime. Another substantial effect that could soothe a person’s mind and body is sleep. Although many teens, and adults, don’t get enough “beauty” sleep, sleeping could benefit your health by resulting in a more energetic and fertile mood. If previous sleep records aren’t enough, the  American Academy of Sleep Medicine,  (AASM,) recommends teens get an average 8-10 hours of sleep, adults get 7-8 for best condition.

Once one has accomplished starting their self- care habits, believe it or not, maintaining the daily motivation to continue their lifestyle can be just as hard. Helpful tips many employ to help with motivation include keeping a journal or calendar, this way to keep track of your daily self- care, and plan fun activities to include throughout your week for time to yourself. Recognize the different healthy options to help cope with emotional distress. Keep in mind all your ideal quotes to self- motivation and use them throughout your day. Never lose patience with yourself on your path to self-care.