Keeping and Caring of Bettas


Annie Wild, Journalist

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Pets are a part of the family. They are there when you need them to hang out, play, and cuddle with, but what happens when your pet lives in a tank? Siamese fighting fish, better known as Betta fish are freshwater fish that require specific care. The amount of work put into caring for the fish is the reason why they are not a good starting pet. 

Bettas need a certain habitat, diet, routine, and daily care. Tanks need to hold at least two gallons of water, five being the recommended amount, with soft plants and places to hide. Bettas need to be fed a varied diet of protein-rich foods at least one to two times daily. The fish need to have the same schedule every day. 

“The reason the betta is known as the Siamese fighting fish is because of the male’s acute aggressiveness. Do not put two males in the same tank because they will fight and nip at each other, likely until one is dead,” stated C. Brian “Betta Fish Care.” 

Although female fish can live in groups of five, males will kill each other if placed in the same environment. This is something to keep in mind when setting up a home for your fish friends. The temperature and quality of water in a Betta’s tank is also important in keeping a healthy fish. Filters can help, but it doesn’t replace changing the water. 

“Cycle 20 percent to 40 percent of the water each week to maintain a healthy environment,” said Kenneth Wingerter “Maintenance Schedule for Proper Betta Care.a routine for sleep, feeding, tank care, and changing plants or hideouts. Betta fish need a natural light cycle, feed twice a day with skipping one day a week, tank cleaning once a week, and change every one to two months.

“Caring for a betta fish isn’t that hard once you establish a routine and separate the myths from facts,” stated Brian “Betta Fish Care Guide.”