A Little More Dutch is Coming to Ripon


Haven Gutierrez, Journalist

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Do you enjoy having a nice hot cup of coffee, or maybe an iced one? Well, a new coffee shop is well on its way to Ripon and has been approved to be located in the Savemart shopping center on Colony Road. 

According to the “Manteca Bulletin,”  Planning Director, Ken Zuidervaart, stated, “Dutch Brothers would like to go on a small pad adjacent to the entrance of the Save Mart shopping center over by Domino’s Pizza.”

A new shop has already opened in Manteca and has another location in Lathrop. Although Ripon already has the attraction of the infamous Starbucks, another coffee shop is always a nice addition to any town. Considering that this will be Ripon’s first Dutch Bros, it can be predicted that the site will be popular. Zuidervaart announced that the coffee shop drive-through will be able to hold around 17 cars, but more traffic-related concerns are still being resolved. As Zuidervaart said, the runner system will be one of the most vital parts of this growing coffee business. 

 “Dutch Bros coffee employees travel from vehicle to vehicle to greet customers and take orders,” said Zuidervaart.

The runners in a coffee business can greatly determine the success of a drive-through, since they can complete orders before the cars even reach the window, therefore increasing the speed and efficiency.

Many Ripon high students are eagerly waiting for the new installation of Dutch Bros. Students have been drawing near excitement for such a popular and infamous shop to make its appearance in our small town of Ripon!

 “I’m very excited for Dutch bros to open, once I found out I got really happy and surprised since I wasn’t expecting it. I personally think it has amazing drinks. I went there a few times and their drinks are really good and sweet,” stated Sophomore Maria Nessim. 

Overall, the new Dutch Bros addition will be a great new addition to Ripon and will make getting a quick cup of coffee much easier. 

Dutch Bros is such a great idea and I think it’ll be a good addition because now we will have a local Dutch Bros and won’t have to drive far to their other branch. Plus it’s going to be a fun place to go to and I sure will be going there all the time”

— Maria Nessim