Returning to Ripon High: Concerns?


Isabella Handall Miller, Journalist

After distance learning for so long, students are finally returning to school! While exciting, there are some concerns. Is returning a wise choice? Will students take the precautions of Covid-19 seriously? It’s hard to tell what the future holds. Luckily, students have shared their views on returning to school. 

“I prefer in-person learning for sure. It beats sitting in a chair and looking at a computer screen for the entire day,” says freshman Luke Bair.

Distance learning is hard for many. In-person school would allow time for friends and forming new relationships. Bair mentions how returning to school would be great, but only if we’re careful with how it’s done.

“Everyone’s returning at once. I think having people come to school every other day, or just having one grade return, would lessen the chance of a runaway spread,” Bair continues.

Some don’t believe Coronavirus is that serious. These are the spreaders; hanging with friends, wearing masks improperly and, to put it plainly, not caring. However, to keep this school open, we must at least try to slow the spread… before things get worse!

“If everyone were tested, I would be more confident in a full in-person semester. If not the school paying for the test, then the parents. It might cost a lot of money, but I think it’d be worth it,” voices freshman Omar Alsaidi.

After being home for so long, coming back to school would be a blessing. We’d get to have a bit of that “high school experience” that we were lacking while distance learning. Socializing is important, and is something that’s needed during these times.

“During distance learning, I was struggling to pay attention in my classes. Getting some sort of normality back by going to school would be helpful,” says freshman Amaris Sanchez Guerrero.

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