Welcoming New President: Inauguration day

Leslie Diaz-Guerrero, Journalist

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On January 20, the United States of America put away differences in politics and united as a whole to welcome the new President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris. Biden was sworn in as the 46th President and Harris was sworn in as 46th Vice president. 

Inauguration day is where a ceremony is held to mark the start of a President’s four-year term. Regardless of whether they have already served a term and they are going to serve a second one, the Inauguration takes place every new presidential term. 

“After the first inauguration of George Washington was held on was April 30, 1789, his second was held on March 4, 1793, and from that time on, March 4 was established as the official Inauguration Day,” stated by Sandy Levinson in “The oddities of Inauguration Day.”

Although this event has come about on that date for many years, Inauguration day wasn’t always in January. For many years coming the date that was placed was in debate until it came about to be set for the day we experience it now, in 1937. The event went from taking in place in April to then March and then finally January.

The Obamas, the Bushes and the Clintons headlined the slimmed-down guest list for Wednesday’s Inauguration Day.”

Even with roadblocks, such as the COVID-19 Pandemic, being factors in limitation for how much could occur, Inauguration 2021 went as smooth as could be. Meanwhile former President Trump was not there to attend, people such as The Obamas, the Bushes, Clintons and even former Vice president Mike pence were there to share this moment with President Biden. Within hours of the ceremony ending Biden has already stated his article of actions that he is fulfilling during his first ten days of his term.

Whether you agree or disagree with a President’s policies and ideas, Inauguration day is held to respect the person’s victory and congratulate a president on their commencement to a new journey in serving our country. 

“So thank you for this honor. I will give my all to you,” President Biden exclaimed.  

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