Restaurants in Ripon


Haven Gutierrez, Journalist

Are you looking for a place to eat with friends or family but don’t know where to go or which place has the best customer service? Well, this article includes reviews from residents living in Ripon and their opinions on the best places to visit. Each restaurant has its own perks and targeted age of customers, usually depending on the location. In Ripon, there are usually designated places for teens and adults to hang out and eat lunch- especially after or during school- with each restaurant having its own atmosphere and customer service.

“I think that the best restaurants for teens are ones with a casual setting, basically a place that is cheap and where you can go anytime and feel comfortable. However, people in older age groups would probably want to go somewhere that is more personal and has reliable service, like a sit-down restaurant similar to Pizza Plus or on a fancy occasion, Fina,” Stated Sophomore Ashlin Hartley.

Each restaurant also has many choices and different items on the menu that stand out to customers. This varies whether it be a place designated for breakfast, lunch, drinks, and everything in between.

“Honestly Ripon has some of the best restaurants. I would recommend going to Ripon Coffee house, Pizza Plus, and Las Casuelas. They have the best food and it is really delicious. I also know that tons of High School students enjoy going there during lunch. Overall, those are the restaurants I would highly recommend,” Said Freshman Brenda Gonzalez.

 Ripon has many restaurants to pick from, some more popular than others, some better than others. These good or bad restaurants in Ripon build reputations based on how well their customer service and order-taking skills prove to be. Residents have varying opinions based on their own personal experience, this could range from all the good to all the bad. 

“Worst customer service would have to be Esmerelda’s. Everyone is very nice and friendly, however, they rarely get our order correct. They completely lost our take-out order once after waiting 45 minutes once. At least they are always nice and apologetic and the food is great. The best customer service is The Ice Cream Emporium. All the staff are friendly and have great attitudes, Stated Ripon Resident Jaime McNeil.”

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