The Difference on the Deck


Riley Slikker , Journalist

The Difference on the Deck

As we all know, some sports have started opening up again. Boys and girls swim is amongst these sports. Our Ripon High boys and girls swim team had their first meet on Friday February 19 since the initial lockdown in March. Their meet took place at home right after school against Kimball High School. Although everyone is excited to be back in the water, this season has not come without new rules and regulations.

The new rules are, no parents allowed on the deck, teams have to social distance, and masks are required. The swimmers are not being timed or scored for their events, and meets only consist of two teams which means their won’t be any championships at the end of the season. Swimmers are simply out swimming for the betterment of themselves this year.  

Freshman Maddie Stewart says, “I am glad we are able to have a swim season in the first place. If abiding by the protocols means we can swim then I think it’s okay.”

Although there are some pretty strict rules and the meets aren’t scored swimmers are still happy to be back. They are happy that sports are starting to open up and things are starting to return to normal. Swim is one of the few sports with a season at the moment in California, so, hopefully, it goes well with little to no COVID exposure. 

Sophomore Hailey Knief says, “I wish we would have parents cheering in the stands, but that’s what our team is for.”