Senior Opinion: Sports Starting Up

Leslie Diaz-Guerrero, Journalist

Leading Line of Sports Balls

  A very controversial topic amongst student athletes since in person learning has been taking place, has been whether sports should be back up and running or not. Seniors last year were lucky to have been able to play sports their final year in high school however with this ongoing pandemic and the obstacles what does that mean for the seniors this year? 

The other seniors and I tried to be hopeful but it was looking more and more like we wouldn’t have a season at all and it really brought down our spirits.”

— Zoe Barba


 Being able to play and represent the school through the sport that you love is one of the many reasons someone may play a school sport. Having played three years anticipated for your senior season, and then having it cancelled or postponed was very hard for the student athletes. Initial news given that sports were at a very low chance of starting up again put seniors at an unhopeful stance. 

“Honestly there are still a lot of unknowns because we’ve never played any of these teams in recent years, so I don’t know exactly what to expect besides that we have to play with heart and cherish every moment because it’s been a long time in the running”, stated senior Jacob Curless.

Fortunately many of the sports have been announced to start soon or have already begun their season. This news was not only great for anyone in high school who was devastated, but also those who still had hope that their senior year would allow for one more season as the months of the year grew shorter. As far as athletes have been told, sports such as football, volleyball, golf, soccer and more have begun at some sort bringing joy to many students.

Although sports will differ from previous years due to the pandemic and regulations, it is still news to celebrate for many people. Whether you are a parent, hopeful to see your child play, an athlete, or an alumni, it is still rather joyful to hear that your peers will get to play their last year at the high school.

“It taught me not to take anything for granted and make the best of every moment,” stated Senior Athlete Kiley Holland. 

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