Weirdcore: An Odd Internet Subculture


Aaliyah Marie Evans, Journalist

Over the years, the internet has been exposed to and created different types of subcultures and twisted it into its own, also known as internet culture. From scene guys on MySpace to VSCO girls on TikTok, different fashions and aesthetics arised from different social media platforms. Right now weirdcore, also known as oddcore, is a new internet aesthetic that is rising in popularity.

“I was introduced to weirdcore by Fandom, which is a wiki for different fandoms that provide information about said fandom.” Anonymous stated.

Weirdcore is a new internet subculture which was founded late 2020. It is based entirely on imagery, making each image give off an odd feeling of nostalgia. This feeling is replicated by using low quality photos of hallways, empty kindergarten classrooms, and bedrooms that resemble one of a child’s. They also contain text with off putting quotes like “wake up” or “everything is a simulation” to give off a vibe of dissociation. Usually there are no people in the photos, but when there is it is usually a shadow like figure or a person whose head is replaced with an object. 

“I really like weird core because it does not worry about needing to fit or blend into normality. You are also able to express yourself freely by any way.” Anonymous commented.

So far this internet aesthetic has been used to create stories in an RPG like format. These videos are usually found on platforms like TikTok because of its simplistic video format. The subculture has also made its way to music, people labeling songs like Daisy Bell or Run Rabbit Run as weirdcore because of them seeming child-like yet distorted. Though it is disturbing, weirdcore is loved by many across the internet for its uniqueness.