The Leprechaun is Coming!!!


Alyson Harvey, Journalist


The past year has been hard and frustrating. We haven’t been able to celebrate some holidays and make great memories out of them because of everything shutting down. But not this year! Saint Patrick Day is headed our way so here are some fun activities you can do. 

One fun activity that you can do on Saint Patrick’s day is creating a fun scavenger hunt. You can make it all around the house with clues that lead to some delicious treats (like chocolate coins). You can also break out your most festive Saint Patrick’s day outfits and have a costume contest with your family or friends. Even though Saint Patrick’s day falls on a Wednesday this year, you can still make a fun and festive breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Also make sure to break out some festive decorations! You can also make a traditional soda bread that will bring joy to your friends and family.

If you enjoy doing crafts these following crafts are for you! You can kick off your Saint Patrick’s day by making a paper shamrock wreath. All you need are different scraps of paper to create this cute shamrock wreath. You can also make cute  St. Patrick’s Day Party Hats. These projects will make your celebration so much more fun and festive. Making a Lucky Shamrock Shadow Box Craft will be an interactive game for anyone and a great decoration. The shadow box will be filled with paper shamrocks and one will be a four-leaf clover that kids can try to find. 

What’s Saint Patrick’s Day without a leprechaun trap! All you will need for this is a miniature leprechaun hat, green construction paper, pipe cleaner, lucky charms, stickers and/or embellishments, hot glue. Then to make the trap you need to bend a 2-3 inch pipe cleaner piece at both ends. Glue the pipe cleaner down to your construction paper. Then prop the hat up on the pipe cleaner so that it is at an angle. If it does not stand up, you may need to glue it to the hat. After, add a trail of Lucky Charms leading into the hat. Lastly, add some stickers or other embellishments to the paper for decoration.

Let’s make Saint Patrick’s Day this year great with these fun and festive activities. Even if you are staying home or going out, these activities will be great memories for years to come.

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