Why are Smoothie Bars This Popular?

Why are Smoothie Bars This Popular?

Are smoothie bars worth it?

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Smoothies, raw juices, acai bowls, and smoothie bowls have become increasingly popular in the United States. The “always on the go” aspect of today’s society is why smoothie bars have started showing up more frequently. Social media has made an impact on the popularity of smoothie bars, but are the food items really all they are said to be? 

    The social media platforms, such as Instagram, TikTok, and Pinterest, have been flooded with photos of these fruit- filled food choices. Many explain how smoothie bars serve quick, healthy, affordable food options. There are points made about how easy it is to grab a smoothie or juice and be able to get on with your work day in a matter of a few minutes. 

 “Smoothie bowls on Instagram are often shown in giant bowls, overflowing with toppings. This creates an unrealistic serving size, with the intentions of a pretty picture, without health in mind,” states Rachel Becker in Instagram vs. Reality : Smoothie Bowl Portions. 

Photos on social media sites are there to attract followers and likes. When people see the large smoothies, juices, and bowls, they want to have exactly what was shown, without realizing what has been put into the food. 

“If you’re topping a healthful green smoothie with processed granola, you may be ingesting lots of processed sugar, artificial flavors, and free radical-containing oils. If you use fruit juice as the base, you’ll be setting yourself up for a high sugar load…,” said Ocean Robbins in What is a Smoothie Bowl. 

The ingredients that are being put into the juices matter the most when looking to the health benefits. Filling the items with processed foods and sugar -filled syrups cause the calorie count to sky rocket. Juice bars need to put fresh organic add-ins into the juices and smoothies. 

“With its colorful base and aesthetically pleasing array of toppings, it’s tempting to order from a juice bar, and post to Instagram,” stated Sydney Charlton in Is the Acai Bowl a Trend or a Lifestyle.