JV and Varsity Softball


“softball” by tinatruelove is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0

Faith Yuen, Journalist

With Covid finally somewhat behind us, and sports restarting again, these past few weeks have been pretty busy. Trying to fit all of the sports seasons into pretty much one full season can be overwhelming for many people because there is so much going on. One of the sports that has been back for quite some time now, but often goes overlooked, is softball. This year, the softball team only has a Junior Varsity (JV) and Varsity team. Last Friday, both teams played Sierra and came out of the other side with a win. JV defeated Sierra, 12-2, and Varsity also beat Sierra 4-1.

“Our team has been doing very well with battling every game. We have the mindset of never giving up and fighting to the end no matter the score” senior Sydney Thomason said. 

Sydney has been playing softball for almost ten years now as a pitcher and utility player. This season she is looking forward to playing in the VOL during her senior season since last season was stolen from her. Sydney is very excited to play alongside her teammate and friends during her senior season. 

“I’m looking forward to being able to have something normal I get to do. Ever since Covid, everything has been so limited and I’m excited that we get to have some normalcy and that I’m able to play the sport that I love!” freshman Kylee Brown said. 

Kylee has been playing softball ever since she can remember mainly as a shortstop. The JV team that she plays on came out of Friday with an awesome victory of 12-1.

“Softball is a quick sport and you don’t have much time to react which is what makes it fun!” Brown said. 

I really enjoy the atmosphere of the whole team and how well all of our different personalities mesh together. ”

— Rhylee Magazinovic