A Pink Moon?


Riley Slikker, Journalist

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Did you see the moon on Monday, April, 26th? What was so special about this moon is that it was a super Pink Moon. This Supermoon will be the first of only two Supermoons in 2021. Supermoons are moons that appear larger and brighter than normal due to the moon being at perigee, the closest point to Earth in its orbit.

    The Supermoon phenomenon is similar to the full moon phenomenon, with a slight difference. A full moon occurs when the moon lines up on the opposite side of earth from the sun. A Supermoon however, occurs when the moon is at perigee. This happens because the moon never orbits the earth in a perfect circle. So, in its orbit, it has a point where it’s closest to Earth, perigee, and a point when it’s furthest from Earth, apogee.

    The Pink Moon, however, is not actually pink. It’s called a Pink Moon because it’s the first Supermoon of spring in the northern hemisphere. The name comes from a pink flower that blooms during spring in North America. So, while the moon itself won’t actually change color, you might notice a slight tint to it depending on how north you are.

The best time to view the moon is at 11:31 Eastern Daylight Time because that’s when it’s at its perigee. If that doesn’t work for you any time during the night should be perfect. Just go to a place away from the city with minimal light. Pull up a chair just as the moon rises above the horizon, at which point it will take on a golden hue.