Game Builder Garage Controversy

Game Builder Garage Controversy

Aaliyah Marie Evans, Journalist

Nintendo has recently released a teaser trailer to announce their new upcoming game, Game Builder Garage. It’s advertised to be a software-like videogame used to create your own games and learn basic coding, similar to GameMaker Studio or a more diverse version of Super Mario Maker. Though the game itself is not a bad idea, Nintendo fans have been raging over Twitter that this game was released before other games that have been highly requested.

Fans have been requesting Metroid Prime 4, Person 5 and Breath of the Wild 2 ever since the Nintendo Direct was released. Instead of enjoying the other games being released at this time, they have been persistent on the game they have been pleading for. Some fans have stated:

“So we really have no games to look forward to this year…”

“I expected an actual GAME, Nintendo. You have lost me as a customer.”

Others have been confused by the idea of this game, as Nintendo has been known to cease and desist fans who created parodies and games inspired by their franchises. The company giving people a game that lets them create their own has been seen to be hypocritical. Some speculate it’s so people can create games without having to be sued by them. A person concerned by this states:

“I don’t get this. You want people to buy this and make their own games but shut down content creators who make fan games/sequels?”

Other than those claims and concerns, people have been excited for this GameMaker Studio. It has been shown to be able to let the player create a variety of different genres of games, ranging from FPS games to NPGs. It has been set to release on June 11 for $29.99.