Starting School with Sketchy Skeletons


Every kid at Ripon High appears to adore one particular class. A course where you may develop your imagination skills and fully utilize your abilities perhaps; a class that has a ton of enjoyable assignments; one where you can pick up so many new talents. You can learn anything here from the teacher, Dakota Bowers. What class do you think this is?

Alexa Villegas

Art class is described in many ways from everybody’s opinion, and one sophomore, Alexa Villegas, describes why she loves art.

“Art is probably my favorite class. I would just describe it as relaxing. I’m always relaxed in this class,” she says. 

We looked at some of Alexa’s incredible artwork and discovered that she is an excellent artist. Alexa states that she has been creating art since she was a young child and expresses her eagerness for the next challenges. The end-of-year task for Art II and the assignment she is most looking forward to is the movie poster. She intends to continue studying art throughout her time in high school.

Alexa Villegas

Everyone in Art I is now working on their ribbon shading assignment, which is their first significant project. Students are precisely learning how to shade, and the Art I classes appear quite enthusiastic about the upcoming school year. Bone research is what Art II is currently focusing on. They are drawing incredible things, like skeleton hands and feet. Last but not least, Art III is creating amazingly detailed dragon heads.

Alexa Villegas

There are many more exciting things all the art students are looking forward to this year.