Hooked on a Book


Haven Gutierrez, Journalist

     Do you love to read? Do you wish you had a group of friends to discuss your favorite books with? Well, then Ripon High offers exactly what you’re looking for. Grace Mikami, a Senior at Ripon High, created her very own book club called Hooked on a Book. This group of avid readers meets on the second Thursday of every month to discuss the chosen book of choice and just have fun. Hooked on a Book also has some exciting upcoming events that you can participate in!

     “We do have a book drive that is coming up on October 24th-28th where you can donate books that you don’t use, or kid books and we’ll give them to a girls and boys book club” stated Mikami, Senior. 

     Novels have a way of forming a sense of community with total strangers, as long as you have a mutual interest, a book. Gathering together and discussing books that everyone is passionate about is a perfect way to make friends and branch out a bit. Books can connect people all around the world and overall make the world a better place, so why not join Ripon High’s very own book club? 

     “I think this club makes Ripon High a better place because it’s a place where students can go and talk about different books that you like, and it’s just overall very welcoming,” stated Mikami.

     Currently, Hooked on a Book is reading the first book of the very popular series, Divergent. If this book sparks your interest, come join the club! The official Instagram page for the book club posts a few days in advance to inform the club members about the next scheduled meeting to discuss the book or watch a movie. Hope to see you there!