To Kill Mockingbird Play


Sophia Hernandez, Journalist

A group of twenty students here at Ripon High school, went to see a showing of To Kill a Mockingbird down at the Gallo Center of the Arts. The play was set in two parts, the first half was following the main parts of the book, and the second half was solely dedicated to the trial portion of the book. The students left at 6pm and arrived at 6:15pm. The students that attended the play also got to meet the actors after the showing. Mr. Yonan, an English teacher and chaperone had this to say about the play, “It was very, intense, enlightening, not shy of using a certain word, saying that it needed to be said” Yonan also said that he thought the second half of the play was very interesting, as it was the part of the play that displayed the trial. 

Some of the students also had things to say, “I think it really brought what To Kill a Mockingbird meant to life, I hate reading, so during the book I’m gonna be honest I was kinda falling asleep, but once I went to the play it really opened my eyes. It was really fun to see.” Kyra Schneringer  9th grade. Most students who went had an amazing time as well. The whole group of students who went showed immense interest towards the play. Next time the school puts on one of these field trips be sure to check it out!