Steering into Raising Steers


Sage Petersen, Journalist

Future farmers of America or FFA works hard to prepare students for leadership and career growth through agricultural education. Many of us hear about it, however we don’t fully know what goes on backstage at the FFA farm. 

Members of FFA take time to raise animals to auction off. Over the next few months, FFA members will be busy raising steers to auction off at jackpots.

You might be wondering, how is it like raising such a big animal?

“You can’t put up with them messing around. But you are still gentle and take care of them,” states Maddie Stewart, junior.

With many beautiful steers at the farm, each FFA member has one steer in which they bond with, train, and “fatten” up for the jackpots they take them to to auction off.

“You learn a lot about nutrition and what they need because you want them to look a certain way,” says Faith Fauchier, senior.

With many months of hard work and dedication, steers will be ready to go to the jackpots. At the jackpots, FFA members show their steers to win prizes and money. They can also auction off the steers if they choose to.